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Construction Safety Training Systems

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Course Overview


Making sure that
construction worksites are as safe as possible begins with providing basic
safety training to all employees. CSTS-09 is the only worker-specific safety
program of its kind in the province and is acknowledged industry wide as an
excellent learning tool for individuals who are either new to the construction
industry or have not had formal safety training.

Course format

Construction Safety Training
System is a self-paced course separated in to 15 modules with an emphasis on
being aware of common hazards and how to avoid them. Student test their
knowledge through a series of interactive scenarios on topics including

Your Worksite & the Law

Personal Physical Care &

Personal Protective

Workplace Hazards

Field Level Hazard


Worksite Conditions

Environmental Factors

Fall Protection

Emergency Response

Ladders & Scaffolding

Mobile Equipment

Machinery, Tools &

Excavating & Trenching

Defensive Driving

Evaluation & Certification

Successful completion of all
15 modules results in certification which does not expire and is valid Canada

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version of Internet Explorer. We suggest that you either use Google Chrome,
Firefox, or Safari to take your course.

CSTS-09 will not work on any tablet or smartphone


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