CATEGORY: Emergency & First Aid

Infection Control and Prevention Basics for HealthCare Workplaces

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview


Healthcare workers
may have an increased risk of contracting an infectious disease due to the
nature of the job, duties or work environment. This course aims to provide
participants with prevention and control measures that will assist in
protecting employees from occupational exposure to infectious diseases.


This course is
suited for anyone employed in health and community services, whether in a
hospital, long-term or residential care facility, home care or any other
community based settings. 


Learning Objectives


Upon completion of
this module, participants will be able to:


Know how infections spread and what is meant by chain
of infection

Define source, means of transmission,
and host

Describe the five means of transmission

Understand the importance of routine practices and additional
precautions in controlling the spread of infection

Understand the risks of contracting or transmitting health
care associated infections

Know when additional precautions may be necessary to prevent
the transmission of infectious agents


Course Format


is a self-paced online course that is structured into two units:


1.    Understanding
Infection Prevention and Control

2.    Elements of Routine


Participants may leave and resume the course at
any time. Course duration will depend on the participant and any prior
knowledge of the subject-matter.

Evaluation and


Each unit concludes
with a test where participants must score 100%. Those who do not achieve 100%
can review the module content and re-try as necessary to complete the course.
A printable certificate is available upon
successful completion of the course.


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