Confined Space Awareness

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview


This online course identifies the characteristics of a confined space,
describes the risks associated with working in a confined space, and the
prescribed methods for controlling those risks. It also explains the
documentation requirements pertaining to confined space work. This course
meets the requirement for Awareness Level training.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able

Define the
term confined space

Discuss the
legislated responsibilities of the employee

Identify the
types of workplace hazards commonly associated with confined spaces

Explain the
types of control methods that may be used when addressing these hazards

Identify the
required elements of a confined space entry program


This is a self-paced online course presented in
three modules.
Participants may leave and
resume the course at any time. The duration will depend on the participant and any
prior knowledge of the subject-matter. Average course completion time is about
2 – 3 hours.

and Certification

is a test at the end of each module. Participants who do not achieve 100% can
review the module content and re-try as necessary to complete the course. Test
questions are randomly selected from a test bank, making each test unique. A
printable certificate is available upon successful completion of the course.


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